The Bodrun Ultra Marathon

  1. Bodrun Ultra is a running competition in four different categories: 6K Good Feel Run, 10K Halicarnass Run, 23K Herodot Run and 60K Bodrun Ultra. Ultra is a field competition.
  2. Throughout the competition, contestants will have the chance to see the beauties of Bodrum Peninsula.
  3. Competitors will run on the track marked by the organization throughout the race. The signs are placed with a minimum of 10 meters and a maximum of 100 meters according to the terrain.
  4. It is the competitor's responsibility to run on the track following the signs. Inherent in trail running (running in the wrong place).
  5. The organization has the right to make changes to the course before the race. The changes will be announced to the competitors before the race.
  6. Participants under the age of 18 cannot participate in courses over 10 km.


Mandatory Materials

In 60K competitions, it is obligatory for the participants to have the materials listed below with them during the race. The participant health report will be submitted to the SEE's distribution desk. COMPULSORY MATERIALS WILL NOT BE CHECKED AT THE KIT TABLE, IT WILL BE CHECKED AT THE CP AND / OR FINISH POINT. *** Identity, telephone and cups are mandatory materials on the 23K track.

A list of materials

  1. Identification
  2. Backpack / Waist Bag
  3. Water container with a capacity of at least one liter in total (water bag, bottle, flask etc.)
  4. Chest number
  5. Mobile phone (organization and emergency phone numbers must be registered)
  6. First aid kit (patch / bandage, 6 hook pins, 4 bands)
  7. Emergency blanket (aluminum)
  8. Whistle
  9. Hat, beanie or bandana
  10. Glass (there will be no plastic cups at the intermediate points)
  11. Enough food
  12. Suitable shoes
  13. Timing chip (if provided by the organization)
  14. Head Flashlight (60K)
  15. GPS / GPS watch
  16. Raincoat

Mandatory materials can be checked at any point during the run. The participant, who is determined not to have any of the mandatory materials as a result of the control, receives a 1 hour time penalty. The athlete who does not carry a Back / Waist Bag is disqualified. There is no mandatory material in 6K and 10K competitions.


Recommended as Supplement

  1. Long sleeve top
  2. Glove
  3. GPS
  4. Baton
  5. sunglasses
  6. suntan cream

Participants who run with the baton should carry their batons with them during the run, they cannot leave their batons at any point.


The Disqualifications

  1. The runner throwing a water bottle in the field is disqualified. (The runner who is complained that he throws water bottle / garbage by 2 runners will be disqualified.)
  2. Not passing through any intermediate point.
  3. Taking a shortcut or vehicle.
  4. Leaving a participant who needs help alone and not helping.
  5. Destroying the natural environment or throwing trash.
  6. Refusing to be checked by the medical staff.
  7. Rejecting the mandatory materials to be checked by the organization.
  8. Getting support, except for intermediate points.

Runners who are disqualified are not allowed to continue running. If the baton runners leave their poles before finishing the run, an additional 1 hour time penalty will be issued.
As a result of the control, the participant, who is determined not to have any of the mandatory materials, receives a 10-minute time penalty for each missing material.

  1. Running is open to everyone. Participants must have a 6-month health certificate (no need for 6K, 10K and 23K) or an athletes license approved by a sports federation, indicating that they do not prevent them from running. Related documents will be submitted to the organization before the run.
  2. Participants compete with their own responsibilities by signing the Risk Acceptance Form.
  3. Competitors may only receive partial replenishment and assistance at certain points on a partial-self-sufficiency basis. There are mandatory materials, clothes, food and drinks to be carried.
  4. Competitors should always wear their chest numbers visibly.
  5. Competitors must be at the starting point at the time specified in the race schedule.
  6. It must pass through all checkpoints throughout the race. Competitors who do not pass through the checkpoints are disqualified.
  7. Athletes leaving the competition are responsible for providing information to the organization.
  8. The rights of the photographs and other images taken during the competition belong to the organization, no rights can be claimed.
  9. It is forbidden to listen to music with headphones during the competition.

*** Participants over the age of 65 participate in the competition with a medical report from the ECG and Cardiologist.